& promote inclusion

strengthen communities, support local business

we are a non-profit organisation working to

Who We Are

We are a community led local development company, working to support communities, families, individuals and business. Structured as a non-profit company, with charitable status, Ballyhoura Development is a partnership of the community and voluntary sector, social partners, local government and statutory agencies.

What We Do

We offer information, mentoring, training, research & development and capital support. We especially wish to work with people most in need of assistance to access opportunities that will increase their economic sustainability and improve their quality of life.

How We Work

Ballyhoura Development works in partnership to develop empowered and inclusive communities, that inspire and embrace new opportunities, drive positive sustainable social and economic change and reduce inequalities, thereby making the Ballyhoura area an attractive location in which to live, do business and visit.

Where We Are

The district straddles the areas of East Limerick and North Cork. We have outreach offices in Kilfinane (Central Office), Kilmallock, Cappamore, Mitchelstown and Charleville.


Enterprise & Employment

We help people to prepare for employment, to develop their skills, to find a job and keep it. We support people to set up, develop and grow their own business or to get involved in social enterprise.

Lifelong Learning

We collaborate with education & training partners to organise and deliver a range of education and training programmes. We support people to access appropriate training to prepare them for life and employment.

Culture, Tourism & Heritage

We work with tourism businesses, offering advice, mentoring, training & supports. We work with communities to develop and grow a range of outdoor recreation events and to develop access to local culture and heritage.

Community Development

We offer support to community groups that need help to organise themselves. We provide mentoring, technical advice, training and development supports to design and deliver services that meet local needs.

Children, Families & Wellbeing

We engage with and support children, young people and families, and in particular areas of disadvantage, to access childcare and support in their community, and to participate in recreational and educational activities.

Environmental Sustainability

We work with and support communities through a number of environmental initiatives, such as Tidy Towns, Treatment of  Invasive Plant Species, Sustainable Energy Communities and the Ballyhoura Outdoor Classrooms.

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