We are a non-profit organisation working to 

Strengthen Communities

                                                       Support Local Business

& Promote Inclusion


Ballyhoura Development  Limited is a community led Local Development Company.  Established in 1989 we support communities, individuals and businesses within the Ballyhoura Area of East Limerick and North Cork to increase their economic sustainability and improve their quality of life.

25 years of successful strategic planning and implementation of a range of National and EU funded social and economic programmes  has enabled a sustainable network of communities and progressive economic development throughout the area.

Ballyhoura Development offers community groups, individuals and businesses information, guidance and mentoring, training, research and development and capital support. We especially wish to work with people most in need of assistance to access opportunities to achieve significant improvements for themselves and their communities. To see how we can help you, please explore the different services and programmes available within What We Do.