Ballyhoura Networking Forum – Valuing Community Development

On Saturday November 18th in Croom Community Enterprise Centre, Ballyhoura Development CLG will provide two excellent networking and learning workshops, and an opportunity for community groups to give their views on Community Development and Community Enterprise.

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Commencing at 9:30am, both workshops will be three hours’ duration, followed by a networking lunch at 1pm. Attendance at the event is free of charge. The workshops will form part of the Ballyhoura Networking Forum, an annual event that provides community groups from across the Ballyhoura Development area a space to meet and learn from each other.

Workshop One will team up with the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) in a community focused workshop entitled ‘Valuing Community Development through the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme’.
Ballyhoura Development and the ESRI are inviting people involved in local community group activities across the Ballyhoura area to participate in the workshop and share their views on the value of local community development. The workshop will involve a discussion of how best to capture the value of community development activities and whether community development and community well-being can or should be measured.

In preparing for the workshop, the ESRI have undertaken a review of international evidence and experience across a range of countries on the measurement and evaluation of the value of local community development. From this research, a number of key themes and challenges have emerged. Representatives from the ESRI will be in attendance throughout the workshop to outline the purpose of the research and to present details of the research findings to date.

The purpose of the Ballyhoura workshop is to help the ESRI understand if the challenges identified in their international research apply in the Irish context and to listen to the views of local community volunteers. One of the planned outcomes of the workshop is to propose credible strategies and solutions to address community development measurement.

The workshop presents a very good and important opportunity for local community group members, particularly those that have benefitted from supports under the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme, to take part in national research and enable the work of the ESRI to reflect real local community group views.

Workshop Two, facilitated by Hugh O’Reilly, Business Development Director of “The Wheel”, will explore the topic of ‘Financing Your Community & Social Enterprise’. Pertinent to community groups involved in developing community or delivering services to the local area, achieving sustainability for non-profit groups can often be a challenge. Indeed, the challenge can often be in thinking of new and innovative ways to finance a socially responsible organisation.

This workshop will offer financial advice and guidance to communities on establishing, developing and building community and social enterprise. Ideal for anyone involved in financing non-profit ventures and who are seeking a new approach to solving financial stability problems while trying to secure the long-term steadiness of service provision to the wider community.

The session will encourage groups to take stock of the organisation’s current funding needs and to analyse their ability to achieve their mission based on projected annual income for the foreseeable future. It will also look at some of the more innovative and effective approaches to income generation available to non-profits these days, and how to adapt positively to the changing Irish funding landscape.

Both workshops are a wonderful opportunity for community groups and members of local voluntary organisations to network, learn and have their say.

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This is the 3rd annual Ballyhoura Networking Forum and a wonderful opportunity for communities to network, learn and input into local and national programmes. For further information contact the Ballyhoura Development Outreach Office in Coote Hall, Kilmallock on 063 20517.
Attendance is free of charge.