Ballyhoura Festivals & Events and Community Planning Initiatives: Information Event – 23rd May


Festivals & Events and Community Planning Initiatives

Ballyhoura Development CLG, through support from the LEADER programme, is launching two important and exciting initiatives available to local communities and groups within the Ballyhoura area. The Community Socio-Economic Planning and Festivals & Events initiatives will provide an opportunity for successful communities to plan for future development, guided by professional supports, through proven processes.

The initiatives will be launched at an event at Deebert House Hotel, Kilmallock, on Wednesday May 23rd 2018 at 7.30pm 9pm. All are welcome to attend. Speakers will provide details on how the supports can be accessed and there will be contributions also from communities who have benefited from similar supports in the past.

A number of communities can benefit from taking part in these initiatives and details of how to participate and the supports on offer will be presented on the evening.

To book your place contact David O’Grady by email or tel. 063- 20517 by May 18th.


Background to the Initiatives

Community Socio Economic Planning Initiative

Building a sense of community and the process of working together, even if it is difficult at times, helps create a greater sense of community and ownership of local issues. This has been the experience of Ballyhoura Development who have used a participatory community socio-economic planning process model with communities for many years. The model has supported communities to bring about actions that are developed and designed with community involvement, relevant to social, enterprise, environment and sporting sectors, better reflecting what is needed and wanted in an area.

To provide further support to communities with community planning, through the LEADER programme, Ballyhoura Development has engaged the services of contractors Paul O’Raw, Niall Henan, and Dr Shane O’Sullivan. A number of communities can be supported through this programme, and a notice of interest is required for participation.

National and local governments may not have sufficient resources or local knowledge to solve problems in all local areas. Having a community plan available to Local Authorities and other agencies makes them aware of the issues affecting your local community. A community plan helps to ensure strategic planning of resource allocation and grant aid can target challenges and projects of real relevance in rural areas. Grant-giving or philanthropic bodies also welcome projects seeking funding that have completed community consultation, have consensus and committed involvement. A community plan can act as blueprint from which communities can legitimately apply and be viewed favourably for funding assistance for their projects to be realised.


Festivals & Events initiative

Ballyhoura Development, supported by the LEADER programme, have developed an exciting initiative to support the Festivals & Events groups within the Ballyhoura Area. Tadhg and Brid from Approved productions have worked with some of the most successful and prestigious festivals and events in the country, and are now in a position to provide their knowledge and expertise to successful groups in the Ballyhoura area.

Community & voluntary, and private operators in the festivals & events sector contribute hugely to both the vibrancy, social connectedness, and also to the economies of many rural areas. Developing festival or event ideas, planning and running them can be a time consuming and sometimes lonely process but it can also be, exciting and rewarding to see people from your community and from further afield, take part in events and activities, while enjoying and appreciating local culture, custom, food and facilities.

Ballyhoura Development, recognising that a healthy and vibrant festivals and events sector is a vital element of any rural community, have procured highly experienced professionals in the sector to deliver a suite of supports which are designed to help revitalise and possibly re-imagine your festival or event.

Supports relate to Festival Planning, training & marketing supports. A number of events can be supported through this programme and a notice of interest is required for participation.