Community Development

Ballyhoura Development supports and works with communities and community groups to support the development of strong, sustainable communities throughout the Ballyhoura area. Working with geographical communities and community interest groups, we aim to build the capacity of community groups by offering a range of supports to meet local needs.

Community Development supports offered may include:

  • Supports to community groups to access capital funding supports for community services, facilities and community led activities;
  • Community training;
  • Provision of information on local opportunities and community focused events;
  • Community based work placements;
  • Networking and information events;
  • Supports, mentoring and training for communities wishing to develop community-led businesses
  • Governance skills training for groups;
  • Facilitation of community socio-economic action planning for communities and neighbourhoods

These services are supported through a range of Programmes delivered by Ballyhoura Development.

Socio Economic Planning Community Presentations