25-10-13 Lough Gur Visitor Centre

Culture Heritage Tourism & Recreation

Ballyhoura Development works closely with tourism business and interests, offering advice, mentoring, training and supports. We work particularly with communities to develop and expand a range of outdoor recreation facilities and events, and to develop and facilitate access to local cultural and heritage facilities, services and events.

Initiatives and supports that we offer include:

  • Tourism development, marketing and business development;
  • Ballyhoura Festivals & Events Network;
  • Culture, heritage and genealogy projects such as Ireland Reaching Out, The Gathering, Historic Graves and local genealogy projects;
  • Supports and technical advice to communities and tourism businesses to access capital grants from available sources;
  • Mentoring and technical support to communities involved in ‘Ireland’s Ancient East’, ‘Munster Vales’ and similar cross-community and cross-county initiatives;
  • Development and delivery of outdoor recreation participative events to better use local trails and recreation facilities for community activities.

These supports and services are supported through a range of Programmes delivered by Ballyhoura Development.