Families Children & Wellbeing

Ballyhoura Development works closely with children, young people and families throughout the Ballyhoura area, particularly in areas classified as ‘disadvantaged’. Community members are supported to access childcare and other supports available in their local environments, and to participate in recreational and educational activities, with a particular focus on prevention and early intervention, in relation to children and young people.

Initiatives we deliver include:

  • Community Food Initiative, which offers a range of supports to parents around healthy eating;
  • Community AfterSchools Services in three local community facilities;
  • Recreational and educational activities for children and young people;
  • Mental health supports which aim to facilitate participants to build their confidence and lifeskills;
  • Family Support projects delivering targeted supports to children and families in particular geographic areas;
  • Promotion of Healthy Towns & Villages projects;
  • Ballyhoura Active community athletics initiatives

These services are supported through a range of Programmes delivered by Ballyhoura Development.