The public health situation over the last year has been challenging for everyone and brought significant stresses across all areas of society. The ongoing situation makes it important that we individually and as communities look at how we can best Care for Our Wellbeing and Manage Stresses. 

This course is in the East Limerick area and delivered by SHEP, The Social & Health Education Project in collaboration with Hospital FRC, Croom FRC, and Ballyhoura Development and funded through Healthy Ireland and SICAP.

What's involved?

This course is for people who would like to work together with others in a supportive environment to explore ways to enhance their well-being and ways of managing stress.

Amongst other topics the course will explore:

  • What happens to me when I’m feeling stressed?
  • Physical effects
  • Effects on our feelings and thoughts
  • Effects on our relationships
  • What can we do about stress?

This is a FREE course starting on the 1st of April and running until the 3rd of June on Thursday evenings from 7 pm to 9.30 pm online via Zoom.

Please, click on the below link to register:

*Registration for this event has now closed

This Spring, so as to attend to the health and safety of everyone, the course is running on-line. SHEP Tutors have extensive training and experience in creating a supportive atmosphere and in helping personal learning. Tutors have also undergone training in facilitating on-line.

Support is available prior to the course to get on-line and join Zoom. Ballyhoura Development has put together some downloadable guides to using Zoom. You may find it useful to follow the steps outlined in these guides:

Learn how to use Zoom

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