Is your business expanding or looking to add a member to the team?

Join us for this training presented by Total Focus for All Employers, Organisations, or Individuals who seek to employ a paid team member. It will ensure participants are aware of the Protocols that must be taken and the best practice when moving through the Recruitment Process.

It aims to help participants secure the most suitable candidate for their business/organization and gain a deep understanding of any legal obligations that may exist when recruiting and interviewing. 

What's involved?

The two training workshops will be delivered across 2 evenings online via Zoom:

Workshop 1: June 9th at 7pm - 9pm

Workshop 2: June 10th at 7pm - 9pm

Participants will gain a deep understanding of:

  • Correct procedures and policies associated with a recruitment process.
  • Developing a job specification, role requirements, and person specification for a New Position
  • Advertising the Job through the best channels
  • The recruitment strategies and interview process
  • Relevant and pertinent interview questions
  • How to evaluate the right person for the job (and how to avoid biases & perceptions)?
  • Using various forms of testing – OPQ, Technical Tests, etc.
  • Evaluating, assessing, and scoring a candidate’s performance in interviews
  • Ensuring the recruitment process is completed in line with legislative requirements and best practice
  • Dealing with feedback after interviewing


You can register your interest by following the link below:

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For further information contact John Hassett on 087 6555260 or email [email protected].

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