Restoration work is set to begin on the roof of the historic Saint George's Arts and Heritage Centre in Mitchelstown, County Cork. Your help is needed to raise funds for this important work.

Saint George's Arts and Heritage Centre

In 2019, a group of dedicated people came together to give Saint George's a new lease of life. In their first eight months, they welcomed 7,500 visitors to Saint George's for twenty four events including concerts, open days and a Christmas Market. The newly restored Saint George's bell was used to ring in the New Year of 2020 for the people of Mitchelstown. Lots more restoration work is needed and planned.

Saint George's was last re-roofed in 1884. An engineer's report in 2003 stated that the entire roof needed urgent replacement. Due to lack of funds, this replacement couldn't happen back then. This task has now fallen on St George's Arts and Heritage Centre.

The team behind St George's have been fighting battles against leaks and falling slates. Sometimes, in heavy rain (and depending on wind direction), there are over thirty buckets deployed around the building to collect the rainwater. In August 2019, some emergency works were completed to temporarily stabilise slates and reduce the number of leaks. 

4,000 slates needed

The first phase of re-roofing will commence in mid-September 2020. The roof restoration will be completed in 2021 and will require a total of 4,000 slates. The estimated cost of the restoration is €235,000. 

How you can help

With your help, the roof of Saint George's can be restored and insulated in keeping with best conservation practice to make the building water tight and warmer for the next one hundred years.

With a donation of €25, you can Donate a Slate to help save this 220 year-old piece of Mitchelstown.

Your €25 will help fund:

  • Restoration of the roof using natural slate (original old slates will be recycled)
  • Insulation
  • Replacing rotten timber
  • Restoring lead flashing
  • Conservation measures to protect the summer bat-roost

Become part of history

For your €25, an inscription of your choice will be written on the back of the slate. 

To have an inscription included on your slate and have your name (or someone else's) etched into Mitchelstown history, please email [email protected].

Who will you donate on behalf of? It could be yourself, a friend or relative, a new born baby, or anyone who you think would like to be a part of Mitchelstown's history.

Our friends abroad can also donate and be a part of this special project.

Whenever you pass this way in years ahead, you'll know there's a slate on the roof with your name on it.

Each donor will receive a certificate with their name on it (or the person of their choice) in acknowledgement of their contribution to the restoration project.

Donors' names will also be recorded in a 'Book of Donations' which will be available for viewing at Saint George's.

Can you help by donating now? Click the green 'Donate' button above!