Ballyhoura Development CLG is currently seeking to create a qualified training and mentoring panel which applicants may join over the next three years.

Selected providers will be awarded to deliver a wide variety of training courses and business mentoring in the following areas:

  • Enterprise & Employment
  • Information Technology
  • Community Development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Culture, Heritage, Tourism & Recreation
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Life-Long Learning
  • Childcare

All applications must be submitted through ETenders. The request for tender is live on ETenders RFT186960, see link below:

Public ETenders RFT

Closing Date: 31.01.2024

The below documentation is available to download:

  1. Procurement Information
  2. Application Form
  3. Declaration of Bona Fides
  4. Contractor's Status Form
  5. Category Choice
  6. RFT (Request for Tender ) document giving the details and instructions to tenderers.