The Ballyhoura Keep Well Campaign is about supporting people and communities to access resources, information and training opportunities which will help them to stay healthy, both mentally and physically, through these challenging times.

In this section you will find supports, resources and information on wellness events which are being run either by Ballyhoura Development or by other regional or national organisations, all of which are focussed on supporting people to be and stay well.  Ranging from mindfulness talks to parenting resources and mental health supports, what they have in common is that they're designed to help you to keep well.  We hope you'll find something of interest!

Listings will be updated on a regular basis, and we welcome details of local events which are being run in your community.

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Arts & Culture

Food for the soul - amuse, entertain or indulge yourself with a virtual tour or film screening from a range of cultural and artistic events available online.

Arts & Culture Events

Fitness + Exercise

Move more, smile more.

There is something out there for you, whatever your fitness level. Get involved!

Fitness & Exercise Events

Nutrition + Cooking

Food is for everyone and is the foundation stone to whole health. 

Explore useful resources, recipes and cooking events suitable for everyone.

Nutrition & Cooking Events

Social Connections

Stay connected, build and maintain relationships with the people around you and the wider community.

...or just an opportunity to have a chat!

Social Connections

Mental Health, Wellbeing & Mindfulness

Focus on taking care of your mental health and well-being during these challenging times with a help of some positive mental health strategies, well-being events, and Mindfulness supports.

Positive Mental Health & Mindfulness Resources


Online resources to support parents and parents-to-be, as well as a few activities and fun-based options for keeping children occupied online.

Parenting Resources

Parenting Talk Webinars

Staying Informed

Information and resources relevant to everybody, and particularly related to Covid-19 guidelines and information.

Say safe & Stay healthy! 

Staying Informed Resources

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