All parents know the trials and tribulations of working from home, home educating, and balancing childcare during rolling lockdowns. That might have meant an over-reliance and relaxation on the amount of screen time for the little ones because sometimes it meant the difference between getting the dinner cooked or not, and a fed child is 100% more important than a screen-free child! 

Now that the weather is getting better (slowly!), you may be wondering how to coax a screen-addicted child back outdoors, explore your 5km, and encourage more physical activity. For younger children this isn’t as much a challenge, many are only far too eager to get back outside and get mucky. But for older children, they might drag their heels, proclaim boredom, and it can be a struggle to motivate them throughout a full walk.  

Here are our tips and tricks to bring the technology to the outdoors. 

Our free Ballyhoura Trails App is available on both ios and android, giving detailed maps and insight into many of the gorgeous walks in the Ballyhoura region. Specifically designed to work in low coverage areas so you won’t get lost, why not let your child pick a walk from the list themselves and be your navigator for the day? 

The National Biodiversity Centres Biodiversity Identification Appallows you to take and upload photos of different species of plants and trees, and learn more about the species. This can be a great way to introduce a bit of interest in the natural world into your walks. There are also many bird call identification apps, the choices are endless! 

Once your child is engaging with nature and getting outdoors more, the app user can slow down over time until they are able to appreciate the surroundings as they are. 

Are you up for the challenge? Let our new printable activity guides inspire you.

Week 6 is a way to spark the interest of a child during a walk, collecting items to use for nature art.  

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This post is part of our larger toddler and nature series. Please stay tuned for more and check out our Welly Waddlers Workshops, where you can see the benefits of hands-on nature-play first hand with your little one.

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