Does your community group need assistance with funding applications? 

Join us for this interactive workshop.

Funding for community projects has become increasingly competitive and technical; this series of online workshops will examine what funders look for in applications and how they are evaluated. It will support community groups to find the right funding for their project and have the best possible chance of being successful.

What's involved?

This training series over two online workshops will cover what a community organisation should look at before they start the application process and the reasons why grants succeed.

Community organisations will explore common questions on applications forms and how to best answer them. The workshops will cover looking at how to best demonstrate the need, innovative elements, project viability and sustainability, how you will monitor and evaluate your project as well as preparing budgets for grant applications.

Session 1: Monday 28th of March - Before you start the Application Process

  • Reasons why grants applications succeed.
  • Frequent questions to expect and how to answer them.

Session 2: Monday 4th of April - Purpose and need for your project

  • How to Demonstrate innovation.
  • Project viability & sustainability.
  • How to monitor and evaluate the project.
  • Budgets for funding and grant applications.

The workshops are starting on Monday 28th of March and they will run over two evenings from 7pm until 9:30pm.


To register, please click the link below.


For any further information contact Laura Moloney McCarthy at [email protected] or 086-3959361

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