The public health situation over the last 9 months has been very challenging for everyone. For everyone, there has been some experience of change, transition, loss or perhaps grief over that time. With all the uncertainties and upheavals and additional demands, the usual places we talk about and work through these things have been disrupted.

This course is in the East Limerick area and delivered by SHEP, The Social & Health Education Project in collaboration with Hospital FRC, Croom FRC and Ballyhoura Development and funded through Healthy Ireland and SICAP.

What's involved?

This course will provide the opportunity to explore the effects of change, transition, loss or grief in your life, in a safe and respectful environment. Many different losses occur in one’s lifetime and Seasons for Growth is based on the belief that loss and grief are a normal and valuable part of life. Although we usually link grief with bereavement, it is in-reality the process by which we make a healthy adjustment to any significant loss or significant changes in our lives. You will have the opportunity to gain understanding, knowledge, and skills to help you to cope with your experiences.

The metaphor of seasonal change is used as a backdrop to the course programme and each season of the year provides a rich symbolic framework in which to explore issues of change and loss. Seasons can represent a series of periods or stages within the lifecycle…and the grief cycle. The change goes on within each season and a transition is required for the shift from one season to the next as we do in our grief process. Each session is associated with a season using symbols, sharing, colour, music etc.

This is a FREE course starting on the 1st of February and running until the 29th of March on Monday evenings from 7pm to 9.30pm online via Zoom.

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This Spring, so as to attend to the health and safety of everyone, the course is running on-line. SHEP Tutors have extensive training and experience in creating a supportive atmosphere and in helping personal learning. Tutors have also undergone training in facilitating on-line.

Support is available prior to the course to get on-line and join into Zoom. Ballyhoura Development have put together some downloadable guides to using Zoom. You may find it useful to follow the steps outlined in these guides:

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Booking for this event has now closed.