Location: Glenroe/Ballyorgan areas of Ballyhoura Development, South Limerick.

The Contractor(s) will be required to liaise and work closely, with up to 16 farmers in the project area, to map out and agree a range of measures to be implemented on each of the participating farms, that will support biodiversity, in line with the EIP project objectives.  The process will involve discussion and consultations with the target farmers, familiarisation with the project's purpose and objectives, and with the habitats in each farm.  The Contractor will also work closely with the PHAB Project Manager and the Operational Group which oversees the project.

Key Outputs Required

  • Production of 16 individually tailored farm plans, of no more than 5 pages each, to include detailed habitat maps, acknowledgement of species of note (if any), and a list of actions, agreed by the farmer and the Contractor which are designed to support and promote biodiversity in specified locations on the farm, with details of any maintenance required;
  • Delivery of a final report detailing the quality/ health of a subsection of the habitats found within Glenroe-Ballyorgan parish, which is representative of the area;
  • Report to the Parish Habitats and Biodiversity (PHAB) project team, highlighting any unique opportunities or challenges arising, which may impact the success of the project.

It is anticipated that the Contractor will undertake the required work between January 2022 and June 2022.

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Closing Date for receipt of Applications: 19.11.2021