Addressing Youth Skills and Community Youth Inclusion processes to Facilitate the Next Generation of Young Community Leaders.

Youth Led Leadership Project is a collaboration between 4 partners from the community development, social enterprise, youth, and training sectors across 4 EU Member States:

  • Ballyhoura Development CLG, Ireland (Lead Partner);
  • ASCAE - Associazione per il Sociale, la Cultura e l'Ambiente, Italy;
  • Asociatia Grupul de Actiune Locala Napoca Porolissum, Romania;
  • Rightchallenge – Associação, Portugal.

The project team will design and develop training materials and a toolkit to support youth participation in community led local development (CLLD) activities in the 4 partner countries. Approaches to engaging young people and community groups in CLLD activities will be presented in the form of learning materials and workshop plans that will be designed to address the issues and practices identified that prevent youth participation. 


The project runs from January 2022 until June 2024. The project results will be used to inform recommendations to feed into future policy in relation to the community and voluntary, social enterprise, and training sectors, nationally within the 4 participating countries, and internationally at EU level.

For more information contact David Whyte on 0851813344 or [email protected]. 

Youth Led Local Development is an Erasmus+ project (2021 IE01-KA220-YOU-000028770). This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.