Ballyhoura Development CLG have been awarded funding by the Department of Foreign Affairs 2024 Communicating Europe Initiative scheme for a project aimed at promoting Youth Engagement with the EU through video and sound. 

The year 2024 marks a significant milestone for the EU, as it celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Day of Welcomes on May 1st, when the ten new member states joined the European Union, alongside the European Parliamentary elections in June. 

To support this project, Ballyhoura Development have engaged the services of Grey Heron Media, employing co-design and co-production methodologies to produce a series of video and sound clips for dissemination, aimed at enhancing youth engagement with the EU. 

This project will adopt a quality community development approach, involving young people, politicians, and policymakers from the outset.

It will work to promote young people’s engagement in EU politics, with a particular emphasis on the 2024 EU Parliament elections.

The project will place value on the direct life experience of young people and their valuable perception of politics and the European Union.  It will work to challenge young people's assumptions and ideas, build on their skills and capabilities, and actively support young people to put their skills and life experience to work for their own benefit and other young people in the region. 

For more information please contact Eileen McCabe, Development officer [email protected].