If you are getting a jobseeker’s payment you may qualify for an Enterprise Allowance from Dept. of Employment Affairs & Social Protection (DEASP) to assist you with setting up a new business. Ballyhoura Development can support you with your application.

There are two types of allowances that can be applied for:

The Back to Work Enterprise Allowance (BTWEA):

This encourages those getting certain social welfare payments to become self-employed. If you qualify (check with your DEASP Case Officer) and are approved for the scheme, you may keep a percentage of your social welfare payment for up to 2 years while running your business. Click here for information on the BTWEA on the welfare.ie website.

Short Term Enterprise Allowance (STEA): 

If you have lost your job and getting Jobseeker's Benefit you are eligible to apply for this scheme. If approved, you will get the same rate of Short-term Enterprise Allowance as your Jobseeker's Benefit payment for the duration of the JB entitlement. Click here for information on the STEA on the gov.ie website.

How do I make an application for the Back To Work / Short Term Enterprise Allowance?

  1. You should first confirm eligibility to apply for BTWEA or STEA with the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection (DEASP). Your DEASP/INTREO Case Officer conducts an Assessment of Suitability for BTWEA or STEA and makes a referral to Ballyhoura Development for business supports.
  2. An Enterprise/Development Officer of Ballyhoura Development meets with you and completes registration for business supports, including one-to-one advice, guidance and mentoring, and the necessary Start Your Own Business Programme and business themed workshops, as recommended, to prepare the BTWEA/STEA application pack.
  3. Your Application Pack will include: completed BTWEA Business Plan Workbook, along with supporting documentation such as market research details, Cashflow Forecast, product/service price list, draft promotional materials, CV of the business promoter, certificates/qualifications, completed BTW2 From OR STEA 1 Form, and other items as appropriate.
  4. An appraisal of your proposed new business is presented by the Enterprise/Development Officer to an Independent Evaluation Committee who will make a recommendation on your application to the to DEASP.
  5. A final decision on the application is made by a Deciding Officer of Dept. of Employment Affairs & Social Protection and the outcome is notified to you. If successful, you may then formally commence your business.
  6. Ongoing support is available to you from Ballyhoura Development e.g. assistance with Enterprise Support Grant for approved BTWEA / STEA applicants, training, mentoring etc.