Kids from Batt Donegan Place and Hillview Drive in Charleville enjoyed an outing packed with fun and apples!

On 2nd November, kids from the BattView Matters homework club embarked on a trip to Kilfinane for a fun-fuelled mid-term outing.

Our first stop was the Kilfinane Outdoor Education and Training Centre , where the kids were able to test their wall-climbing abilities and orienteering skills! Everyone managed to reach the top of the big climbing wall and we all cheered each other on, showing support for our friends. 

We then split into three teams to take part in a fun treasure hunt in the centre grounds. Markers were hidden all around, and we really improved our map and orienteering skills in order to locate all of them!

Before heading back to Charleville, we all stopped at Ballyhoura Apple Farm where we met Donogh and Breeda for a tour! We were invited into the production manufacturing warehouse where we saw apple cider vinegar being prepared. Each kid also had a chance to use the capping and labelling machines, seeing the bottling process in full.

We are extremely grateful to Maurice and his team at Ballyhoura Apple Farm for their kindness and patience in showing us around the facilities, the opportunity to see a small local business in operation was fascinating, and the complimentary apple juice and apples were much appreciated!