Ballyhoura Development recently facilitated a home energy workshop with Charleville Men's Shed.

The workshop, supported by the North Cork Rural Community Health Project, created a space for members of the men's shed to have a conversation around home energy upgrades and energy use.

Home energy and exploring ways of reducing usage and costs have never been more relevant.

Currently, there are multiple supports available to help improve efficiency and comfort, and to reduce carbon emissions and energy costs. However, determining the best course of action can be challenging as the information may be overwhelming and costly. This workshop focused on addressing questions from members of the Men's Shed, and supporting them to understanding while learning from each other.

Charleville Men's Shed, with support from Sean Sweeney, Development officer with Ballyhoura Development, explored topics such as grants available, upgrades, retrofitting, energy bills, smart meters and tips to reduce energy usage.

As a result of the event, the Charleville Men's Shed Group have borrowed one of the Ballyhoura Home Energy Savings Kit, which will be circulated among members to assess their own homes and to complete the worksheets provided, which will form the basis of their next energy efficiency steps.