Have you found your ideal job opportunity but concerned that you don’t have the relevant experience?

Want to change careers but feel you don’t have the required skills?

There is no denying the value of qualifications and relevant experience, however, employers also want skills that;

  • will bring value to their company;
  • can help them to carry out their work effectively;
  • fit in with the culture of the organisation.

If you would like support using the information or worksheet below to identify your transferable skills, contact the Ballyhoura Jobs Club online or by phone on 0863062510.

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What are Transferable Skills?

Transferable skills (or portable skills) are skills that you can take with you from one experience to another.

They are developed from different areas of life. Transferable skills are not only gained through Employment but also through school, college, charity or voluntary work, extra-curricular team sports or hobbies, working in the home caring for children, caring for an elderly parent – the list is endless.  

These skills can then be applied to current jobs opportunities.

Example: Transferable Skills for a Retail Job Opportunity

A person that has never worked in Retail should not be put off applying for a Retail role just because they have no Retail experience. They may have developed the required skills in other areas of life. Below, you can see some skills which are useful in the retail sector and some of the ways you might have developed these transferable skills. 

Skills that are useful in the Retail Sector:

Working as part of team. You may have developed this skill as a member of a sports team or project team in school or college. 

Time-management Skills. Do you have experience of meeting deadlines for assignments? This is a highly transferable skill. 

Good communication. You may have developed this skill as a member of a debating team in school or college.

Flexibility with regards to working hours. If you have ever attended a training or education course while also working part-time, you have likely developed the flexibility skills needed to handle varying working hours. 

Good organisational skills. These skills can be gained through experience as a parent or carer organising kids' schedules, household meals and chores, clothes, etc. 

Friendliness and approachability. Someone who is/was part of a local Volunteer group that visits older people in their own homes for companionship would have developed these skills.

Money management skills. You might have acquired this skill through managing a household budgeting and paying bills on time.

These are all skills that can also be carried forward into other roles, for example Healthcare settings, Factory settings or Supervisory roles.

Remember, the list above is made up of examples. There are many other skills which might be useful in the retail sector and there are many ways in which you could have developed the skills above.

Why are Transferable Skills Important?

Transferable skills are your opportunity to show that whilst you may not have directly relevant experience, you have skills that would allow you to bring value to the organisation.

This can work in your favour as an Employer might see hiring you as an opportunity to bring different approaches and insights to their workplace.

When looking into jobs which you feel inexperienced for or looking to enter into a new sector, take the time to consider the skills that you have developed up to now.

Identifying your Transferable Skills

The Ballyhoura Jobs Club have created a downloadable worksheet which might be useful when identifying your transferable skills.

Download Skills Identification Worksheet

The first step in identifying your skills with this worksheet is to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

  • What skills helped you succeed in previous roles (work or otherwise)?
  • Of these skills, which ones are transferable?
  • Of these transferable skills, which ones are sought after by your prospective Employers?
  • How will your skills help you when facing the challenges of a new role?

Prepare a list of your transferable skills for the next job you are applying for.

Be confident in the skills and experience that you have developed over time and there is no reason that you can’t get that job you want.

If you would still like to know more about transferable skills and why they're so important, this video might be useful: