The Community Inclusion Toolkit is a practical aid to community groups in the Ballyhoura area. Its purpose is to help groups to include as many people as possible in their activities and structures, drawn from the widest possible range of backgrounds and circumstances.

The development of the toolkit was a joint undertaking by Ballyhoura Development and three local community organisations: Ahane, Castleconnell & Montpelier Community, Kilmallock and District Community Council and Mitchelstown Community Council.

Front cover of the Ballyhoura Community Inclusion Toolkit

Download the Community Inclusion Toolkit

Listen to the audio clips below to hear about the experience of two communities who developed the toolkit with Ballyhoura Development.

Ballyhoura Development commenced the toolkit project as a means of supporting inclusion through the sharing, spreading and strengthening of existing good practice in the area, and through learning from elsewhere. The company and the three participating community organisations believe that the toolkit will enhance community inclusion in several ways:

  • By helping community groups to increase the numbers of people taking part in their activities and availing of services that they may provide;
  • By promoting equality of access to community services, facilities and decision-making, with particular emphasis on increasing the involvement of people who have tended not to take part in community activities and decision-making in the past;
  • By supporting the long-term well-being of community groups, through suggestions for improving communication to and from the community, and for steps to help in recruiting, retaining and supporting volunteers, whether for specific tasks or the overall work of the groups.

The toolkit was developed through a series of meetings with the three participating community groups. In these facilitated sessions, participants described and reflected on how they currently promote involvement in their activities, and also suggested and considered possible new approaches to deepening community involvement.

The Community Inclusion Charter is another useful resource which is included in the toolkit. Community groups can sign and display this Charter in their local community centre to demonstrate and publicise their commitment to being an inclusive community. 

Download the Community Inclusion Charter

If you would like any further information which isn't available here, please contact your local Development Officer.