Ballyhoura District Forum 

Ballyhoura Development facilitates a forum for networking and information sharing between communities and representatives from the communities within the Ballyhoura area, through the Ballyhoura District Forum meetings.  These meetings take place 3 times each year in each of the 3 districts within the area - Galtee, Golden Vale and North East Limerick districts, and culminate in a Networking Forum each November, which brings together community members from across all 3 districts.

The District Forum is a forum that provides an opportunity for groups in a district to meet and share experiences. The Forum facilitates the transfer of learning from one community to another and provides an opportunity to identify and progress common issues, as well as providing an effective means of ensuring a two-way communication flow between communities and the Board of Ballyhoura Development.  

These meetings facilitate information dissemination and networking opportunities amongst community groups, as well as facilitating community members to help identify gaps in needs and service provision at the district level and to suggest and share possible solutions/actions with Ballyhoura Development staff and Board members.  Current funding and training opportunities are also highlighted, as well as updates on issues and events happening in the wider Ballyhoura Area.

Arising from the District Forum meetings, communities have the opportunity to identify and articulate their own needs and the kinds of actions required to address these needs, to other communities in their district, and to the Board of Ballyhoura Development, for consideration in planning future activities.  They also ensure widespread awareness amongst communities to the programmes and projects being implemented and considered by Ballyhoura Development.

The next District Forum meetings will likely take place in February 2022.