Calling all outdoor recreation users and non-users alike!

Ballyhoura Development have commissioned Outscape to undertake the development of a 15-year Trails Masterplan for the Ballyhoura region. 

Partnering with Outscape and a multi-partner steering group, we are seeking your involvement in developing a vision that will inform a 15-year Masterplan for the Ballyhoura Region and wish to understand how, why and where you engage with outdoor trails in your area and also why you don’t.

How can these trails (walking, water, on-road, off-road, cycling, biking, horse riding, hiking, all access trails etc..) be improved, developed and adapted to the changing needs of your community and what are those key gaps?

Over the past three decades, the network of trails in the Ballyhoura region has become an integral part of our local identity and lifestyle. These trails not only offer a recreational escape but also contribute significantly to community health, recreation, environmental initiatives, and economic activities. 

Challenges and Opportunities:

A diverse group of trail users, including hikers, walkers, cyclists, and fitness enthusiasts, have created a vibrant outdoor recreation community. Recent surges in trail usage can be attributed to factors such as population growth, improved trail accessibility, promotion efforts, a focus on healthy lifestyles, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While increased trail activity brings new opportunities, it also presents challenges like trailhead access, parking, amenities, maintenance, and environmental conservation. In response to these dynamics, we're collaborating with Outscape to seek your engagement in a process that will shape a 15-year Masterplan for trails in the region.

This Trails Masterplan will guide investments and developments in recreational routes, along with related amenities, services, and infrastructure. 

Community Engagement Workshop:

Aligned with national, regional, and local strategies in rural recreation, sustainability, and tourism development, the Trails Masterplan will aim to ensure the protection and sustainable development of trails across the Ballyhoura Region and your insights and engagement are crucial to this endeavour.

The contribution to the upcoming online Community Engagement Workshop on January 17th 2024 from 7pm to 9pm would be greatly appreciated. We are eager to hear how and why people use our Outdoor Recreation Facilities and also the reasons that people don’t.

Online registrations are now closed for this workshop!

The contribution in the form of filling out the survey below would be greatly appreciated. 

The survey will be open until the 8th of February 2024. You can access it through the link below or scan the QR code:


For any queries, please get in touch with Mike Cleary at [email protected].

Booking for this event has now closed.