In conjunction with the Barn Owl Project and funded by The Heritage Council, Ballyhoura Development are hosting two workshops on Barn Owls, one in Croom and one in Castleconnell. 

Barn Owls are top predators and are an indicator species for the health of the countryside. Unfortunately, over recent decades, Barn Owl populations have dramatically declined and Barn Owls are now a red-listed bird of conservation concern in Ireland. There are some positive indicators that barn owl populations are increasing in certain areas such as in the Ballyhoura region.

What's Involved?

The workshop is being facilitated by John Carrig and Susan Kerwan from the Barn Owl Project.

John Carrig is the director of the Barn Owl Project and a published wildlife photographer and Susan Kerwin is a licenced wildlife rehabilitator; both have been involved in wildlife conservation and rescue for many years. The Barn Owl Project works in many areas such as locating unregistered nest sites, documenting, giving talks with schools and communities, working with farmers and land owners and promoting Barn Owls.

Further information on the Barn Owls of Ballyhoura project will also be provided as well as how to apply for a Barn Owl Box for your community.

When & Where?

The workshop will take place on the following dates/locations:

  • Parish Hall, Main Street, Castleconnell, Co Limerick on Tuesday, 25th of July - 7.30pm - 9pm 


To register for any of these Barn Owl workshops, please click on the specific link below:

Castleconnell Workshop Registration

For any further information, please contact Jill Pitcher Farrell at [email protected].

Ballyhoura Development has also received funding from The Heritage Council for the training and installation of Barn Owl boxes in 6 communities. We are seeking expressions of interest from communities that wish to host a Barn Owl box locally:

The Barn Owls workshops will help further actions and work towards the Sustainable Development goals in particular Targets 15.5 and 15.9 under SDG 15, Life on Land.   

Booking for this event has now closed.