This water and wellness session will be an immersive, mindful experience which will explore our connection with water on a physiological, emotional and mental level.

This Water and Wellness session will be a chance to take a break from the chaos of everyday life and connect with both yourself and nature.

What's Involved?

The session will begin with a mindful walking activity, encouraging participants to tune in to Croom Park and to notice what is alive all around them. This will be followed by a guided mindful meditative exercise opening participants awareness of the various creatures, insects, organisms, flora and fauna that call Croom town park their home and the wider connection between these.

Through facilitated discussion, participants will be supported to bring their attention to how being in nature, in this location, impacts them and to begin to identify how they in turn potentially impact this environment directly and indirectly. 

The workshop will continue by exploring the contribution and benefits of our water bodies, the challenges and problems facing these water bodies including biodiversity and habitat destruction and loss. The workshop will provide an opportunity to discuss how as individuals and communities we can protect and restore our water bodies. 


This water and wellness session will take place on Saturday, 8th of July, from 10.30am - 12pm in Croom Town Park.

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For any further information about this event, contact Rhiannon Laubach at [email protected].

This workshop is part of Ballyhoura Development’s Biodiversity of Ballyhoura Series and is contributing to the sustainable development goals through target 4.7 under SDG 4 quality education, SDG 15, Life on Land and SDG 3, Good Health and Wellbeing  

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