Families come together weekly to learn to cook together meals that are fun and easy to prepare. 

Hospital Family Resource Centre is facilitating two 6-week Family Cookery Course workshops as part of our Community Food Initiatives projects, starting on the 19th of September and the 21st of September.

These workshops aims to create a learning environment for parents to learn cookery skills and learn about other skills such as healthy shopping, meal planning, an introduction to resources and much more!

This project will engage parents with their primary school children to support their family learning around food preparation and making healthy choices. It will also improve their family communication and overall wellbeing and having some family quality and fun time together in the kitchen.

When & Where?

  • Youthreach, Hospital, Co. Limerick
  • Starting on two separate dates:
    • From 19th of September until the 24th of October
    • From 21st of September until the 26th of October

Get in Touch!

To find out more, please contact Hannah Kindregan at [email protected].

Booking for this event has now closed.