The social entrepreneur is often an expert on the social issue the organisation is tackling and is full of motivation in that regards. However, they may be less skilled on the financial and economic management of an enterprise!

None the less, the social enterprise is first, an enterprise itself that follows the same market rules through the market could be very different. Approaching the management of cash flows, financial constraints and sustainability with awareness and ability is essential to contribute to the building of a strong organisation.

It is also vital to learn how to approach a bank for funding, such as overdraft or loan. Having a clear vision and forecast of the annual budget in advance gives the possibility to invest, create, decide and enhance the impact of the social actions. 

Financial Planning and Cashflow Constraints training will help with all of the above. It will take place in person at the TUS Campus Moylish on Tuesday 17th May from 10am - 5pm.

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For any further information contact John Hassett at [email protected] or 087- 6555260. 

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