Mindfulness is a word that is popular at the moment, but what does it actually mean?

It refers to our ability to pay kind, non-judgemental attention to our experiences as they happen in the present moment. We can be aware of our inner world, how we feel and think, and our outer world, the environment we are in.

Yet, we often forget to pay attention, and we live in a more automatic kind of way, and this often leads to reacting to what is happening quite automatically too, which is not always very helpful.

What's involved?

Mindful parenting is a way of bringing this kind of non-judging awareness to experiences when relating to our children. It allows us to learn to respond more thoughtfully and kindly to behaviours and emotions in them, as well as ourselves.

Mindful parenting helps to foster a healthy and strong bond between our children and us. It also helps to decrease the stresses that so understandably arise when parenting.

This course will explore how to bring kindness to ourselves and our children in stressful moments.

When & Where?

Starting on 14th April (10 am-12 pm) in Hillview Drive Community Building, Hillview Drive, Charleville, for 8 weeks.

To register, follow the below link:

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For any further information, contact Ella Conway on 087 0988822 on [email protected] 


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