Ballyhoura Development CLG, through support from the LEADER Rural Development Programme, is offering an exciting initiative to local communities within the Ballyhoura area (east County Limerick and North County Cork) and County Clare.

The Living and Learning Communities Project is facilitated by award-winning Grey Heron Media who work with RTE, BBC and local radio. It will provide successful groups with professional training in defining and telling their stories through audio and film.

Groups who wish to co-create media pieces during the Living and Learning Communities training project will need to submit a Notice of Interest FormThese clinics will assist groups in identifying the story they wish to tell, as well as providing guidance in strengthening and completing their Expression of Interest.

Clinics will be held on the 15th October in 15-minute slots starting from 6:40pm.

If you are interested to book one-to-one clinic for your group, register your interest via the below link:

Register for the One-to-One Clinic

For any further information please contact Nicole Dennehy at [email protected] or at 086 066 0561.

About Living & Learning Community Project

The Living and Learning Community Training Project is a unique opportunity for all community groups to receive professional training in media literacy and production.  There is a further exciting chance for 14 selected groups to receive further intensive training through which they produce audio and/or film pieces conveying a message of their choosing.

Through a series of workshops delivered via blended learning (online and in-person), participants will learn how to do the following:

  • Tell your own story
    • Ensuring your perspectives are seen & heard as you want them to be
  • Gain Media Skills
    • Helping groups in doing future media projects (from Oral History to YouTube videos)
  • Reflect & Distil:
    • Reflect on what you do as a community, and why you do it.
  • Build skills for the future:
    • Getting people on the same page
    • Rebuilding Momentum
    • Reframing your story
    • Communicating what you do and why – a vital skill for completing funding applications, mobilising volunteers, and fundraising

How to get involved?

Proposals to participate in this project are now invited from community groups for support through this Notice of Interest Form:

Download Notice of Interest Form

For this notice of interest, Groups will identify one potential story they want to tell – it could be the story of the group or of an initiative or a one-off event.

Picking which story or which aspect of your bigger story to tell can be a real challenge. Groups can often be involved in many different initiatives – Here are some questions to get your group thinking when weighing up different possible stories before you complete this simple form:

  • Catalyst: Was there a “Eureka” moment/“This can’t go on”?
  • Impact: Is there any consequences of this happening?
  • Risk: Is there any consequences of it not happening?
  • Transformation: Are we in a very different place than we were once? Where was that place?
  • Hope: Are we going to a very different place than we are now? Where will that be?
  • Time: Is there something that must be done by a particular time?
  • Context: What’s the Backdrop? Where does all this come together?

And remember it doesn’t have to be hugely dramatic. A simple competition about flower boxes can be about pride of place, and reputation, and building community.

If you would like to learn more about this project please contact Nicole Dennehy at [email protected] or at 086 066 0561.


Booking for this event has now closed.