In today's challenging economic landscape with increased operating costs, community centres are facing increased operating costs while striving to remain affordable to their communities. 

To address this pressing issue, join us for an insightful workshop that will cover information and guidance on setting a realistic and sustainable pricing strategy tailored to benefit both your community centre/space as well as your community.

Workshop Content:

  • Understanding Community Dynamics - Nature of being in as well as of the community being charged prices.
  • Cost Identification: Identification of ALL costs involved for both existence & operations as well as reserve generation.
  • Market and Customer Needs: Identify the market dynamics and potential customer needs specific to your community space.
  • Profit Margins and Pricing: Learn effective methods for determining suitable price points and profit margins that strike a balance between financial sustainability and community affordability.
  • Customer Segmentation: Recognise the diverse range of customers and their ability to pay, including considerations for different rates such as "Corporate," "Charitable," and "Free."
  • Competitor Analysis: Recognise your competitors' offerings and pricing strategies to position your community centre competitively in the local landscape.
  • Trading Terms: Set comprehensive trading terms, including credit policies, deposit policies, and payment methods, to streamline financial transactions and enhance operational efficiency.

Peer examples and learnings will form discussion opportunities, making the training relevant to your organisation.

Trainer: Marian McDonald, Lifeline Business Services

When & Where?

This is a single 3-hour workshop delivered twice:

Kilbeheny Community Centre

  • Date: Wednesday 22nd November 
    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Pallasgreen Community Centre

  • Date: Tuesday 28th November 
    Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM


The workshop is FREE to attend, but registration is required via the below link:


For any further queries contact Clare Jordan at [email protected]. 

Booking for this event has now closed.