Join us for a FREE informational talk with John Lonergan who will highlight a number of useful techniques and strategies to help parents in their parenting role. 

What's Involved?

The talk will cover a wide range of issues and challenges that parents encounter on a regular basis. 

Topics include:

  • Communication - why listening and hearing our children is so important.
  • How to avoid/reduce arguments and conflict with our children, especially teenagers.
  • Why chatting with our children has so much potential.
  • Why parents should not solve their children's problems for them -  help them solve their own problems. 
  • Why parents should always explain their decisions to their children. 
  • Why accepting their child's reality/ability is essential for the child's wellbeing and development. 
  • Why parents should openly talk with their children about 'feelings'. 
  • Why parents should never engage in hurtful comments or putdowns of their children. 
  • Why comparing children is a no-no.

Guest Speaker:

John Lonergan is a native of Bansha, Co. Tipperary. He served in the Irish Prison Service for over 42 years.   He was Governor of Mountjoy Prison for over 22 years and Governor of the top security prison at Portlaoise for almost 4 years.   He retired in June 2010 and later that year his autobiography “The Governor” was published.  

In 2013 he wrote a book on parenting with the title  ‘Parenting – raising your child in Ireland today’, with all royalties going to Barnardos, the children’s charity.  

Nowadays he delivers talks on a wide range of subjects to communities, voluntary groups, workers and students.   He is an active supporter of many charitable organisations.

His philosophy is that change, personal or otherwise, cannot be enforced on people, believing that real and meaningful change only comes about through dialogue, consent and agreement.   

He is convinced that human beings change from the inside out and suggests that the big challenge for all of us is to find the humanity in others and then to nurture it.   He is satisfied that the more people are in touch with their own humanity the more likely they are to treat others with humanity  - show respect to gain respect. 

This is a FREE Online event open to all parents on Wednesday, February 3rd from 7:30pm until 8:30pm online via Zoom.

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For any further information contact Jacki Hehir in Kilmallock on [email protected] or 086-0660560.

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