Does your Community Group need assistance when it comes to Funding Applications? 

These workshops delivered by Maeve Finch of Total Focus are aimed at advancing understanding of how to craft a successful grant application. It will give groups a greater understanding of working on a successful funding application from a number of community groups or consortium perspectives.

What's involved?

The programme is starting on Tuesday 8th June and it will run over four evenings from 7pm until 9pm as per the schedule below:

Webinar 1: June 8th at 7pm - 9pm

Webinar 2: June 15th at 7pm - 9pm

Webinar 3: June 22nd at 7pm - 9pm

Webinar 4: June 29th at 7pm - 9pm

Topics covered will include:

Module 1:

  • What is a funding application?
  • What funders look for in grant applications and how they assess proposals.
  • Things to do before you start the application process
  • Typical supporting documentation and enclosures required 
  • Finding the right funding to match your project

Module 2:

  • Identifying Sources of Grant Funding
  • Reasons why applications can succeed or fail
  • Common questions to expect and how to answer them, including:
    • Organizations Profile: background, activities, and track record of your organization
    • Project/Business Plan
    • Purpose/evidence of the need for your project?
    • Evidence of the Market and demand
    • Outlining social, economic, and environmental impacts and benefits the project
    • How does your project meet the criteria?
    • What is the project budget?
    • Demonstrating innovation
    • How will you monitor and evaluate the project?
    • Project viability & sustainability
  • Things to do when you have completed the application
  • Obtaining and dealing with feedback

Module 3: 

  • Practical workshop examining past, successful applications
  • How to check eligibility and if it’s the right fund for your project.
  • LEADER, T&V, CLÁR, Windfarm, Community Fund (LA), Rural Regen, Sports Capital, Outdoor Recreation (ORIS)


You can register your interest by following the link below:


For further information contact John Hassett on 087 6555260 or email [email protected].

Booking for this event has now closed.