Join us for a FREE informational talk with Caroline Crotty who will highlight a number of useful techniques and strategies to help individuals live a happier and more content life.

What's Involved?

The talk outlines behaviours that will help people feel more positive about themselves and how to cope with the challenges we face in our lives.

Topics include:

  • Why asking for help is not a weakness. 
  • Why sleep is so important, some helpful things you can do if you are not sleeping well.
  • The importance of exercise and how to enjoy exercise by setting targets.
  • How to reduce stress and some useful techniques that will help participants to cope with it.
  • Why controlling negative self-talk is so important and why we must never self-sabotage praise.
  • How 'showing gratitude' will help us to appreciate the good things in our lives.
  • Why we should socialise with people who make us feel good about ourselves.
  • Why we should avoid people who drag us down.

Guest Speakers:

Caroline Crotty, B.Soc.Sc. M.A. (Counselling & Psychotherapy) works on a one-to-one basis with adolescents and adults at the Natural Clinic, Sullivan’s Quay.

Caroline regards her role as a therapist as spotlighting the positive (because we are adept at noticing the negative).

Caroline's philosophy is that we can become happier and more content when we learn and practice relevant skills and techniques (such as challenging negative thinking; being solutions-focused, exercising positive self-talk, controlling anxieties etc.).  

This is a FREE Online event open to all parents commencing on Wednesday, February 10th from 7:30pm until 8:30pm online via Zoom.

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For any further information contact Jacki Hehir in Kilmallock on [email protected] or 086-0660560.

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