This workshop will be of interest to all those with interest in landscaping.

It will provide guidance and information to individuals and community groups on how to select stock for landscaping and how to maintain the best quality. The workshop will explain how good plant selection is key to supporting wildlife, in particular, pollinators.

This workshop will equip participants with basic knowledge to select suitable plants and trees for their garden or community area. It will discuss how and when to plant and the different techniques used, with an emphasis on how this affects the biodiversity of the area. It will also provide information on maintaining the quality of these plants and different techniques for pruning, bed maintenance and weed prevention.

What's involved?

The event will begin with a presentation from Ballyhoura Staff with horticulture and biodiversity backgrounds. It will conclude with a Q&A session where participants can get specific advice on wildlife-friendly landscaping.

Topics will include:

  • Plant selection,
  • General maintenance,
  • Planting for wildlife and pollinators,
  • Choosing and maintaining quality stock across a variety of landscape types, including trees, raised beds and hedges.


You can book your place by following the link below:


For further information, contact Hannah Kindregan at [email protected] / 063-30694 or John Hassett at [email protected] / 061-387040.


Booking for this event has now closed.