As Ballyhoura Development undertake the development of the  Local Development Strategy to deliver the next LEADER programme 2023- 2027 it is paramount to engage with community groups, organisations and businesses across the Ballyhoura Development area of North Cork and East Limerick.

Ballyhoura Development will host a series of community consultation meetings, focus groups and surveys to hear local views on how the LEADER 2023 – 2027 programme can best support the development of communities in the Ballyhoura area from an economic, social & environmental perspective. This will be ongoing in the weeks and months ahead. We welcome and look forward to input on any aspect of the strategy development. 

Ballyhoura Development will be hosting consultation evenings at the following locations:

You can register to attend the consultation evening by filling out the below form:


For any further information or to find out more, please contact your relevant Development Officer:

Your Local Development Officer

We look forward to working with you, listening to your views and inputs so that a collective strategy can be created of benefit to all involved.