The green transition must be a just transition, and local community-led actions, are key to sustainable success.  

These were the key messages from the Ballyhoura Winter Networking Forum in Pallasgreen on November 18th, 2023.

At the event, Ballyhoura Development launched the findings of research, completed by TASC, the economic and social think tank, into how well communities across the Ballyhoura area are positioned to meet future climate and related social challenges and changes. The findings of this extensive piece of work are central to the research report which was launched at the event: Towards a Just & Green Transition in Ballyhoura.

With the negative impacts of climate change increasing each decade, and the window for action rapidly closing, the report is a timely addition to support local community-led action, strengthen efforts to decarbonize and build resilience to climate change.

The report findings highlighted that achieving energy transition will be challenging given the high level of fossil fuels use across the area and the high level of household reliance on cars for transport. It highlights the need for renewed investment and efficient supports to facilitate building fabric upgrades and community renewables to increase local energy security.

The report also focused on critical local sectors such as food, agriculture and tourism, incorporating critical insights from the 603 people who participated in the discussions and consultations that underpin the report findings.

The report is available on our Research & Publication page on our website accessible via the below button:

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