Ballyhoura Development is encouraging towns and villages across the Ballyhoura area to seek information and support to examine how the 2022 Town and Village Renewal Scheme may help implement local projects.

The 2022 scheme places a particular emphasis on projects which support bringing vacant or derelict buildings and sites back into use as multi-purpose community spaces. 

The types of projects that may be considered include:

  • the repurposing of vacant properties in Town Centres back into use as Remote Working Hubs;
  • regeneration projects that assist in revitalising rural towns and villages through planned and sustainable regeneration and development projects;
  • projects to develop parks/plazas, green spaces and recreational spaces/amenities located in Town Centres. 

Mary Laffan, recently elected at the 2022 AGM as Chairperson of Ballyhoura Development, encouraged local community groups to make contact with Ballyhoura Development Officers across the area and seek support to assess how the 2022 scheme may help progress local renewal projects: "Towns and villages across the Ballyhoura area are vital to underpin local sustainable development. Revitalising these villages and towns as places and spaces where people we can come together to learn, exercise, enjoy local culture and arts, remote work or develop new businesses is critical to future development.  I would encourage any interested groups that have an idea for repurposing a vacant site or building for the good of their community to  bring forward these ideas.” 

The Town and Village Renewal Scheme (TVRS) is part of a range of measures to support the revitalisation of rural Ireland. The programme is funded under Project Ireland 2040 as part of "Our Rural Future"

The Expression of Interest forms and further information on the Town and Village Renewal Scheme is available on both the Cork and Limerick Local Authority websites:

Ballyhoura Development provides guidance and support to local groups for preparing project ideas. Please, contact your Ballyhoura Development Officer.