Ballyhoura: Community ReImagined profiles the unique and inspiring social enterprises from across the region and educates the general public on what social enterprises are and how they make a difference.

On Friday March 31st, Ballyhoura Development launched their new Ballyhoura: Community ReImagined campaign that communicates to the general public about what social enterprises are, how they make a difference and the impact they have on local communities. To launch this campaign, Ballyhoura Development worked to create a 4 episode podcast series and 12 piece video series in collaboration with 12 social enterprises from across the Ballyhoura area. 

At its launch at Friars Gate Theatre in Kilmallock, Ballyhoura Development CLG unveiled the launch film that shows the scale and diversity of what social enterprises in the Ballyhoura region have to offer. Featuring a total of 12 social enterprises from across the Ballyhoura region, the video series offers each social enterprise the opportunity to discuss their history, the challenges social enterprises face and the positive impact each social enterprises have had on their communities. 

Screening of Ballyhoura ReImagined in Frias Gate Theatre

John Kennedy, Ballyhoura Heritage & Environment and Board Member of Ballyhoura Development opened the event: “We come together to view our collective social enterprises,our stories, our experiences and our impacts, we may face challenges but by continuing to work together we can overcome and continue to make positive impacts to the Ballyhoura region and the communities we work in and with”. 

Speaking at the event Amanda Slattery, Development Manager at Ballyhoura Development said: “The filming of this campaign and uncovering the impact that the social enterprise sector has made to the region and to the communities and beneficiaries of each service has been inspiring to witness. The expertise, experience and skill set within each organisation needs to be harnessed and Ballyhoura Development will continue to support you on your journey”. 

 Amanda Slattery, Ballyhoura Development & John Kennedy, Ballyhoura Heritage & Environment

Also speaking at the event Patricia Ryan, CEO of Croom Community Development Association CLG and Board Member of Ballyhoura Development said: “Every organisation that took part in this campaign should be applauded and we look forward to working together as a network in the months ahead continuing the great work that we do in our communities*.

As part of their work to support social enterprises, Ballyhoura: Community ReImagined have also developed a 4 episode podcast series that features 11 social enterprises from across the Ballyhoura area with host Mairead Lavery. Focusing on 4 specific themes for each episode:  Repurposing Vacant Spaces, Enterprise, Health and Green, the podcast delves into detail on how social enterprises have been set up and maintained as well as the individual challenges and benefits they have experienced.


Amanda Slattery, Ballyhoura Development; John Kennedy, Ballyhoura Heritage & Environment; Patricia Ryan, Croom Development Association; Pat Morris, Charleville Community Care and Garden Services; Ruth McAuliffe, Ballyhoura Heritage & Environment and Kilfinane Community Council.

Norma Harrington, Mitchelstown Enterprise Centre; Zusanna Kriakova and Teresa Curtin, Sli Eile; Ciara Moloney, Friars Gate Theatre; Mike Knightson, E-Charleville; Colette Ryan, Carebright

Biddy Hayes, BGM Community Council Bruff; Jo Fearnley and Ciaran O'Regan, The Donkey Sanctuary; Marian Clarke Doon Social Farm; Nora Keogh, Community Finance Ireland; Pat Morris, Charleville Community Care

The Ballyhoura region is made up of a diverse range of social enterprises many unique to this area of North Cork and East Limerick. Based around themes of heritage, sustainability and community, social enterprises ensure that communities from across the region continue to thrive and maintain the landscape and culture that Ballyhoura is so beloved for. From Mitchelstown to Croom, Ballyhoura Development CLG will continue to work with social enterprises based across the Ballyhoura region to ensure they receive the support they need.

The campaign videos and podcast series are available to view now on the below link:

Watch & Listen to the Ballyhoura Community ReImagined Series

This project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund.