With support of LEADER funding through Ballyhoura Development in partnership with Cork LCDC, Charleville Community Care and Garden Centre focused on upgrades to retail and staff space and improved energy efficiency at  their premise in Charleville.

Operational for over 20 years, the facility has gone from strength to strength under the management of Pat Morris and the board of directors.

Having the retail space of “The Flower Pot” on Love Lane attracting the public it has created a thriving and vibrant hub. In addition to polytunnels and employment generation through the community services programme, Charleville Community Care is an integral part of the wider community.

However, support was needed regarding improved energy efficiency, shelving, lighting and heat for improvements to staff and retail space. The community group were thrilled at a challenging time during the pandemic to achieve funding in order to bring about these necessary improvements.


Staff and trainees have said:

"The working environment is much much better, it is so bright and fresh." 

"It is a pleasure to come to work now. We feel more appreciated now that we have a nice comfortable canteen."

"We can find everything the customers want, we can see at a glance what’s in stock and what needs to be ordered with the newly organised retail space."

"I am looking forward to the winter, to having a warm space to come into after working outside."

"The project works have made a big difference," Manager Pat Morris states, "We are delighted to have completed these long-awaited works and we certainly could not have done it without the LEADER grant aid. I have noticed a significant increase in staff moral both for our beneficiaries and for myself. Having a suitable, clean, warm and organised work space is a significant motivating factor for all of us. It really does make the day-to-day running of the facility smoother. We hope to see a significant impact on lighting and heating bills across the coming months as the weather becomes colder." 

"Our plans for the future include improving and extending the outside space where plants are displayed. We hope to install a second canopy display area in the coming year. This will enable us to carry a broader range of stock and display it in an appealing and accessible way." 

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