The Community of Pallasgreen in 2017 undertook a 10-year programme to fulfil major plans to reimagine, renovate and develop community facilities and create new amenities in the village

Through the support of Ballyhoura Development CLG, LEADER funds and Limerick LCDC, Tomar Trust, the JP McManus Foundation, LIT and all relevant stakeholders, the community of Pallasgreen has created marked positive change.

The first project was the creation of a multi access playground for children of all abilities. From it’s opening the Playground has benefitted not only the local community members, but those of many neighbouring communities, with many using the playground multiple times a week.

This has become a vital amenity for parents and grandparents: 

“The Playground is brilliant! It’s allowed the kids be kids through the Covid pandemic. I’m from Oola and it’s the nearest playground for my 3- & 5-year olds. We come at least every 2nd day, often daily”.

“It’s been great to meet up with family outdoors when we couldn’t meet during Covid”.

“The kids love coming to play and meet friends – it’s great to have a safe, outdoor place for them.”

The positive feedback and reaction to the playground project inspired more community engagement and support for the community centre refurbishment projects.  This involved a 3-project plan focusing on the renovation and refurbishment of the Community Centre including renovation of new roof, insulation, kitchen and toilets; installation of new electrical & heating systems and the installation of new stage sound & light systems. 

The major benefit of the community centre projects was not having to close the centre completely due to it’s unsafe condition and loose it’s use to over 2000 wider community members. 

With the various refurbishments and upgrades, the centre is now a safe, warm, well serviced, multi-functional centre that also now caters for wheelchair users in both toilet and kitchen facilities. 

This project in turn sparked a conversation about the development of the green area beside the new playground and a derelict site in what was becoming “The Village Park”. In 2020/21 the green was developed in to a sensory garden and plans are underway for further development.

For the community of Pallasgreen, these projects have been transformative and a real collaboration of different agencies, funders and organisations always with the support of Ballyhoura Development. For Pallasgreen, each project has provided a sense of ambition towards the next which in turn inspires and creates continued widespread community support.

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