The third transnational partner meeting of the AquaCOM project took place on March 12th and 13th at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany.

Strategic Developments in Aquathermal Energy

The University of Oldenburg is one of the project partners and are leading Work Package 1 Aquathermal Energy (AQE) Strategy Development. Work Package 1 is the building blocks of the rest of the project and aims to develop and identify viable strategies for Energy Communities to implement aquathermal energy systems across the NWE territory, based on a comprehensive analysis of common and country-specific challenges and enabling factors in the 5 partner countries.

An update on the research methodology was given by the University of Oldenberg, stakeholders were identified and all partners are now clear on the research they need to complete. This work will give a comprehensive overview of the state of aquathermal energy in each partner country: France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Communication and Collaboration

A communications workshop took place, which involved partners identifying and timetabling the communication needs for their actions from now until the end of the project.

Actions were then prioritised and ReScoop as the communications lead, will develop a detailed communications plan based on this work. A comprehensive update was provided on all actions to date, in particular on the pilot projects, which are at various stages of planning and development, and the interface for the Aquathermal Energy Assessment tool was also worked on collaboratively.

Early Adopter Energy Communities

One of the main topics of discussion was early Early Adopters. The call for Early Adopter Energy Communities will be launched in April and the whole consortium is very excited to have them on board and to meet them in person in Vlieland in Autumn at the first pilot site visit.

Stay tuned by leaving your contact details to keep up to date on the project and find out how your community may be able to get involved as an Early Adopter! 

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