Ballyhoura Development is committed to maintaining strong and transparent governance systems and to delivering quality professional services and supports to benefit local communities.  The company strategy and activities are aligned with the development priorities of local communities, civil society, and regional and national government to create added value, and are recognised through compliance with:

    Environmental Quality Standards

    Ballyhoura Development is committed to working in a manner that conserves our Environment and protects the safety, healthy and welfare of employees, sub-contractors, clients and the community. This responsibility is delegated to an Environmental Committee, convened by the Corporate Manager, and which has responsibility for oversight and monitoring of environmental quality standards.

    Our objective in the environmental health and safety area is to assume a responsible position, by:

    1. Complying with all local and national legislation.
    2. Ensuring that our operations and products used do not create unacceptable risks to human health or the environment.
    3. Assessing the discharges and waste generated from our offices, if any, on the environment and community.
    4. Ensuring that all of our waste is disposed of properly.
    5. Recycling waste generated, where possible.
    6. Ensuring that our sites and grounds are maintained as tidy and clean as possible.

    Winner - All-Star Development Agency Of The Year 2021 

    Finalist - Q Mark Awards 2019 - Recognised for Excellence Category

    Winner - Q Mark Awards 2018 - Pursuit of Excellence Category