Please read the contained information and provide a permission for use of data within the SICAP programme.

PPS Number
I give my consent for my PPS Number to be recorded in order to allow Pobal and its agents to track my economic status over time, to evaluate the programme and improve government services.

Sensitive Personal Data
I give my consent to record sensitive personal data about me.

Future Contact

Pobal, research bodies and/or agents of the Department may contact people who have registered with SICAP to get feedback about their experiences and to help them to evaluate SICAP. Only clients who have given their consent will be contacted. If you agree to be contacted, your contact details will be given to Pobal, research bodies and/or agents of the Department.

Future Contact

I give my consent to be contacted for feedback on the SICAP services I received.

I understand that Ballyhoura Development CLG will record my personal information in order to deliver and audit the programme. This may include referring me to another organisation or agency to provide a relevant service, which could involve passing on my contact details.

I have indicated whether I have given my consent to supply my PPSN, sensitive personal data and to be contacted for programme feedback, as shown by the boxes above.

I understand I can refuse or withdraw my consent to provide my PPSN, sensitive personal information and to be contacted for programme feedback if I wish and that this will not affect the service I receive.

Print Name:

I Understand and give my consent

Your Rights

Under the Irish Data Protection Acts 1988-2018 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) EU 2016/679 you have a right to request a copy of your personal information at any time. You can get this information by contacting us on 063 91300.

You can withdraw your consent to provide any of the information needed for SICAP or activate any of your individual rights by contacting us on 063 91300 or emailing [email protected].


We Ballyhoura Development CLG receive funding from the Department of Rural and Community Development, with co-funding from the European Social Fund as part of the Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning 2014-2020, to deliver the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme 2018 - 2022 (SICAP).

SICAP is a national programme which works with people to improve their outcomes in life. Pobal works with the Department of Rural and Community Development to help design and oversee the programme.

SICAP funding requires us to collect information on the people we register and support so we know more about them and the types of supports they need. We record when and how we helped you, for example if you went on a course or received any grants. We store this information on the SICAP database IRIS and on paper forms. You give this information by filling out the IRIS Individual Registration Template.

You may also get the opportunity to fill out My Journey: Distance Travelled Tool. This tool will help you to better understand your personal and professional skills and to think about aspects of your life you would like to improve. If you repeat this tool a few times it will show any changes you may have made in these areas. Filling out the tool is voluntary. It will be kept confidentially in your SICAP participant file and collated in an online system. The information (with personal details removed) may be used to improve programme delivery. You can withdraw your permission for the use of your personal data from My Journey at any time.

The information you provide us with will be stored for seven years from when you leave SICAP in hard copy (paper forms) and on the IRIS computer database.

The data controllers for SICAP are the ESF Managing Authority within the Department of Education and Skills, the Department of Rural and Community Development, and Pobal. Data Protection Officers can be contacted at:

Ormond Building    
31-36 Ormond Quay           
Dublin 7       
Email: [email protected]

Department of Rural and Community Development
Trinity Point
10-11 Leinster Street South
Dublin 2
Email: [email protected]

The Data

The information we record about you is used for five main purposes:

1. To establish if you are eligible for the programme.
2. To review how we assisted you so we can provide you with the best possible tailored supports.

3. To share your name and contact details with other service providers (e.g. ETB, Citizen Information Centre, Local Employment Service), as agreed with you in your Personal Action Plan, so we can make referrals and appointments on your behalf.

4. To produce statistics which will help us plan and improve our services; so, we can provide our funders with aggregated data to assist them in providing a better national service.
5. Your data may be reviewed from time to time as part of a programme audit.

Some of the information we require is personal data such as your name and address, your phone number, your economic status, gender and age band etc. We need this in order to be able to contact you, to deliver a tailored service, and to know about the people who are engaging with SICAP. We will also be asking for your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN). This is voluntary and you do not have to provide it. The PPSN will help us and Pobal to track your progress over time, which will allow programme outcomes to be assessed.

We will be asking you for sensitive personal data. All sensitive data is voluntary, and you do not have to provide this. Sensitive information is your ethnic/cultural background and if you have a disability. It is asked because it gives us more detail on which people are using SICAP and the extent to which different groups are receiving supports, and so we can monitor equality of access.

Best Regards