Current Volunteer Vacancies

Ireland Reaching Out Volunteering Opportunites

Role: Message Board Adviser

Description: Message Board Advisers give family history advice to those who are looking to discover more about their Irish ancestry. They do this by;

- Responding to queries posted on local message boards

- Offering tips conducting family history

- Pointing members in the right direction as to where they could locate information for example parish email address/local Facebook group

Role: Meet and Greeter

Description: Volunteers who are available to Meet and Greet welcome visiting Diaspora to the local community. They spend between one and three hours with the visitors - helping them to understand more about the local community and its heritage.  

On a typical Meet & Greet, the following may happen: 

-A meeting in a local library, tourist office, post office, or heritage building

-A visit to a local Graveyard to find family headstones 

-A visit to the local parish office to enquire after baptismal and/or marriage records.

-A meeting with any living relatives still in the community 

Digital Content Contributor

Description: Digital Content Contributors add information about their local community to the IrelandXO website. This can be information relating to family history, local heritage, built heritage,  tourism, and media such as local publications or videos. They may also have an interest and general knowledge of the local archaeology, folklore, and geography of your area.

Time Required: There is no set number of hours you need to complete.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for clarification on any of the above. 

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