Female Entrepreneurs redefine your marketing strategy and drive your business forward with the power of AI.

Ballyhoura Development and SECAD Partnership would like to invite all Female Entrepreneurs to the online Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Networking Session on May 29th via Zoom 10.30a.m.- 12noon.

About the Session:

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the landscape of marketing, staying ahead means embracing the change. 

This special info session, designed for ambitious female entrepreneurs, features Roisin Bennett, a seasoned marketing strategist and founder of  MarketingMentors.ie

With over two decades of experience in marketing and a passion for empowering start-ups, Roisin will guide you through the transformative power of AI in marketing.

What You Will Learn?

  • The Impact of AI on Marketing: Understand how AI has revolutionised marketing strategies, making them more personalised, efficient, and data-driven.
  • AI in Action: Discover practical ways to integrate AI into your marketing efforts for enhanced customer engagement and business growth.
  • Networking Opportunity: Connect with fellow female entrepreneurs and share insights on leveraging AI for startup success.

Special Highlights:

  • Live AI Marketing Strategy Demonstration: See real-life examples of AI tools in action and how they can be applied to your marketing strategies for optimal results.
  • Q&A with Roisin Bennett: Have your questions answered and gain personalised advice from an award-winning marketing expert.

Who Should Attend?

This session is perfect for female entrepreneurs who are keen on leveraging the latest in AI technology to elevate their marketing strategies and propel their start-ups into the future. 

To register please click on the link:


Or alternatively e-mail Carrie O'Donoghue, Ballyhoura Development at [email protected] or Donna Cleary, SECAD Partnership at [email protected]. 

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