The Parish Habitats and Biodiversity (PHAB) project will support farmers to enhance biodiversity and habitats across Glenroe-Ballyorgan Parish including within the catchment of the Keale and Ahaphuca Rivers and in the uplands of Glenroe-Ballyorgan in County Limerick.

The project will utilize an innovative habitat mapping technology to map the habitats of Glenroe-Ballyorgan, and the quality of a subsection of the habitats will be assessed. Farmers will receive training and support to agree on and implement capital measures to safeguard habitats (both farmed and not farmed), improve habitat quality, and create new habitats and biodiversity corridors. The project will also engage the wider community to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of biodiversity.

The project will begin on August 1st, 2021, and will run for one year.

PHAB is a collaborative project, led by Ballyhoura Development, in partnership with Glenroe-Ballyorgan Community Council, Ballyhoura Heritage & Environment, Teagasc, the Local Authorities Water Programme, the Limerick Institute of Technology, and the Irish Farmers Association.

This project is funded by the European Innovation Partnership Scheme, which funds projects that allow farmers, scientists, and other experts to collaborate to develop new practices that are environmentally friendly and economically sustainable.

The ultimate aim of these innovative partnerships is to road-test new ideas and practices which can then be used more widely by farmers and others to improve productivity and enhance resource efficiency.

To find out more, please contact Project Manager Nicole Dennehy at 086 066 0561 or [email protected].