Working in partnership with social enterprise stakeholders, DRCD has developed an Awareness Strategy for Social Enterprise in Ireland. Its main aims are to:

  • Provide a common approach to the communications and language around social enterprise.
  • Foster a common understanding of the value of social enterprise.
  • Collectively empower social enterprises to have a voice and a role in raising awareness.

The purpose of the Awareness Raising Initiative for Social Enterprise is to provide funding to social enterprises and their support and network organisations to carry out awareness-raising initiatives that will increase awareness of social enterprises and their potential, in line with the Awareness Raising Strategy. Funding for this scheme is provided by the Dormant Accounts Fund.

In 2022 Ballyhoura Development CLG engaged with social enterprises across the Ballyhoura Region, to create an opportunity to collectively promote and engage with the wider public on the role of social enterprises in our communities.

Focusing on the “Ballyhoura Reimagined” theme for social enterprises video content and a podcast series hosted by Mairead Lavery was developed with the support of the social marketing company “We The People”. Supported through social media toolkits and infographics the aim is to utilise the content and exposure for many months ahead.

The Ballyhoura Social Enterprises involved in the content creation include:

This project was approved by Government with support from the Dormant Accounts Fund.