Interested in cutting your bills while saving the Environment?

For those who missed this webinar, discover the ways in which we can cut our energy use on a day to day basis to address rising energy bills and costs by watch this 31 minute webinar recording with guest speaker Xavier Dubuisson of XD Consulting.

What was discussed?

Making some small changes to our behaviour and around our homes can immediately affect our comfort, our energy bills, and the environment.

Join us as guest speaker Xavier Dubuisson talks us through some of the things we can do in an attempt to improve the efficiency of our homes, while also saving money and helping to do our bit to save the environment.

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This webinar was part one of a two-part series on Home Energy. See part two below:

For any further information contact Nicole Dennehy at [email protected] or 0860660561 or your local energy mentor.

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