The Ballyhoura "Get Head Smart Challenge" involved a group of young people from the Mitchelstown area who successfully completed a four-day mental and physical health challenge.

During the four days, they completed personal development and self-confidence-building workshops with Breaking Beyond. The group of young people took part in a pioneering outdoor workshop delivered by Da Silly Heads called "Stigma is Silly" on-site in the Ballyhoura Mountains.

 "Da Silly Heads" delivering their workshop "Stigma is Silly" 

They challenged themselves physically on the Ballyhoura Mountain Bike Trails and took part in team-building games with Ballyhoura Beo including communication challenges, survival, and first aid scenarios.

The group pictured just before hitting the Mountain Biking Trails.

The group of young people interviewed local elected representatives with the support of GMC Beats and Sean D from Davy's toughest Team on topics relevant to them and advocated for young people through podcasts and video recordings.

The group really enjoyed the outdoors and being in nature together. Keep an eye out on this page for further exciting updates from this group in August.